Greetings to all our friends,

We have turned our calendar page to August which marks the start of the second month of summer for most people.  Of course that is relative according to where you live, for many American States have been suffering under oppressive heat for quite some time now, while some towns in Canada have finally had a reprieve from continual spring showers and flooding and are finally enjoying sunshine and blue skies.

We are marking July and August for reasons other than just weather in our family as many important events and transitions have occurred or will soon take place, and we want to update you all on what is happening for us.  You will see that weather does play into our decision-making, but more important is the work that each of us in the family are seeking to do.

Each of our children is in transition with regards to work.  Our older son, Eric, is close (we hope) to getting hired (at least part-time) in a job that relates to the Graphic Art Design Diploma which he received in June, and his wife was able to make a switch to another job just recently.  Meanwhile, Glen had his interview with the military last month and passed the medical with flying colors and is just waiting for the final call from the Army to start his training with them.  Please pray that each will find the work that they feel called to do and that they will have excellent experiences in each of those workplaces.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

The home front has changed for us in some important ways as well.  In June, Jill started a Master’s of Public Health Degree, with a specialization in International Health.  She just finished her first online module a few days ago.  It is quite intense (8 weeks), requires a lot of research and online postings of that research plus response postings to classmates almost daily, with a final paper carrying a weight of 50% of the course.  Please pray that her paper was received well, and that she will end up with a good mark.  She starts her next module this week.

There are two other significant changes at home for us.  Along with her studies, Jill started a full-time line position at her hospital on July 1st.  Up until now, she had been around a 3/4 time nurse and then picked up extra shifts when she could.  This will help us out financially.  On the other hand, we had listed our other condo for over two months, and finally decided to accept a low offer given to us.  We could not continue to hold on to it, and as someone told us, a larger one-time loss may be the better choice over a long slow loss.  The important thing is that Jill will not need to carry nor worry about this responsibility by herself while I am gone.

This brings me to the most significant change that is front of us right now.  On August 9, I will be flying to Dallas, Texas.  I will be there until about a week before Christmas.  The tentative plans are that I will be home at Christmas time for about 3 weeks, and then I will help teach a mission class for one week in North Carolina, and then keep on flying to head over to Papua New Guinea for mid-January through to mid-April or so.

Two words can sum up why I will be doing this: weather and ministry.  (I told you I’d get back to the weather).  During this past winter, Jill and I found out that cold weather is definitely bad for my muscles.  The colder it gets, the more my muscles tighten and get knotted up, and then the more pain that I am in.  This winter was especially cold and was very brutal on my body, to the point that I was just about crippled up in my own living room.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

With this in mind, we began to pray and ask God to help us make decisions about how and where I ought to live if living in Calgary would be so difficult for me.  This immediately caused us to think of Dallas, which is warm to hot most of the year compared to Canada, and where the international office was located for our mission, Pioneer Bible Translators.

I spoke with the leaders in the Dallas office and asked if I came to live for a while in Dallas if there was any work I could help with while down there.  Within a week I was phoned back and told that at least two departments were “fighting” over me and thought it would be great if I were able to help with some tasks down there.  I mention some of this in a previous article, “Holy Spirit Enabled Missionary“.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

It will certainly be hard to be away from Jill and the family for this long period.  (We will be together in October for 10 days though, and we will be able to phone or computer talk to each other for free every day.)  We will plan to have a wonderful Christmas together, and then I will head to PNG.  We are praying that Jill will also be able to join me over there for some of that time like we have done in the past.

But what a wonderful God I serve.  I see Him carefully putting the pieces in place to take care of each of us in my family.  We don’t quite see it all yet, but I am believing all will turn out well vocationally and financially for us.  But for myself, I am so thankful that He is working it all out so that not only will I be able to live and move so much better in these more hot and humid climates, but He has given me tasks of training the next generation of Bible translation missionaries, and continues to allow me to serve Him in overseas projects.  Thank you God, that your plans for me are for good, and not for harm.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦