I have been challenged recently to start a blog.  This is not the first time.  “But what would I blog about?” I would say.  And of course the answer always comes back, “Blog about anything.”  Real helpful, right.  NOT!  So what’s my problem with blogging.  Well, it reminds me so much of “journaling”.  And that has always been something I said I would never do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think journaling can be a good thing for many people.  But the idea I have always had is that you keep a notebook and pour out your thoughts on to the page and let out all your thoughts and emotions.  Often these journals would come with a clasp and lock, and no wonder, considering some people would never want another living soul to see what they had written.

Well, I don’t think I have an issue about discussing sensitive or personal matters about my life.  In fact, I may be too open in my discussions.  But what has caused me to stumble all these years, is first of all, after the initial adrenaline of starting something new, its not long before I lose interest in doing the work of the journal so I can continue talking about self.  And that has been a second stumbling block for me….I have always thought that the journal entry had to always revolve around me.  Then there were the few efforts that started out well….and then we would move again, and I would wonder, “Now where did I put that journal?”  So I’m sure I have a half dozen journals started, that are laying around in some city or country I can’t remember.  (If anyone finds one of them, feel free to laugh and giggle at my life jottings….then tear them out and use the rest of the blank book yourself.)

The final obstacle for me has been that when I do want to write, it ends up either as a lone liner, “Today I got up and ate breakfast.  Now I’m going to do some work.”  Or if the topic is actually an interesting one, like “All the Cool Tricks You Can Play on Ants!”, well, then I end up writing a major thesis it seems and takes forever to do.

So now I need to get past all these obstacles and just start writing again.  But I’ve figured out it doesn’t have to always be “about me”.  In fact, the title for this blog, “The Listening Post”, is meant to have many dimensions and layers to it.  Yes, there will still be posts about me, as I listen to myself and reflect on my interaction in the world.  But as a Christian, I want to spend time listening to God and reading His Word, and I believe that as I sense God talking to me and leading me, then I would like to share those moments with my friends — like you — which of course assumes that there will be people who will like to follow this blog.  And thirdly, I am hoping that this blog would be a safe environment where I can interact with my friends and contacts and so I will come hear to be a listening post for those who have something they need to talk about.