God is Not Finished With Us Yet

It has been three years now that I have lived with a muscle disease.  Undoubtedly, there have been some discouraging days, and there was a period of time when I thought that my service for God would be ending due to the many restrictions on my physical activities.  I’ve wrestled with the battle to give up and give in to the disease, and I think for the most part I have believed that my desire to serve God has won over the pain and disability.

For those who are interested in more details of what choices I face on a daily basis you can read more in the article “My Pain vs. Serving God.”  In that article, I mention how the trip to California was a test for a new pain relief medicine as well as the plan to go back to Papua New Guinea for two months to do Bible translation consultant work.  I am very happy to say that both trips went extremely well, and now we are looking at what future plans of ministry God has in store for me and Jill.

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In talking with the PNG and Dallas (International office) leaders of Pioneer Bible Translators, we have been offered three very exciting opportunities of ministry.  We still expect to take another long trip to PNG next winter (Jan. – March/April) to do more consultant checking of Scripture.  Second, the Dallas leaders would like me to come down later this year (Aug. – Dec.) to help teach and mentor our new missionary recruits.

And then thirdly, I have been asked to help a Bible translation project in Southeast Asia as a consultant.  The translation is a new version of an official language, but written at an easy reader level.  What is exciting for me is that the team is so well-connected by internet that I can trade files electronically and do some face-to-face consulting sessions by means of a Skype conference.  This allows me to work year-round from my own home.

Over the years, I have come to learn one very important principle of ministry.  The work of the ministry cannot function at its best without the involvement of others in the ministry.  First and foremost, there must be a significant group of Christians committed to supporting the work in their prayers.  There will be much more that I will say about this translation ministry over coming months, but in this article I want to call on the help of others to pray with us about these ministry opportunities.

As we go forward by faith to do all that God is asking us to do, we ask that some of you who are reading this article will join us as prayer partners.  I know how busy life can be for most of us, but I believe that many of you can commit to at least one or more of the following patterns of praying for us and our work:

1.  Regularly Praying

As you may know, I post three articles a week on this devotional blog site to talk about God in my life and work as a Bible translator.  I try to write a short News Feed on Facebook each day to let people know the topic of these articles.  I would ask that any time you see my name on FB or read an article that you offer up a short prayer to God on our behalf.  Pray that God would work through us to bless others in our ministry work for God.

2.  Monthly Update Prayer Partners

Each month, Jill and I write an update that tells more about our ministry work, as well as how the family is doing.  Normally we send out our ministry updates by email, but I have also started to include some of them (in an edited form) as an article here on this blog site.  We include some specific prayer and praise points in these updates, and you could receive them if you would like.  Then you can pray more specifically each month for us.

3.  Weekly Special Prayer Partners

Finally, I would like to start up a special prayer team.  The work that God has placed before us is so important to the advance of God’s Kingdom here on earth, that I believe we must have a group of committed prayer warriors who will lift up this work before God on a weekly basis.  Chapter 6 verse 12 of Ephesians says:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

I ask you to please consider becoming one of our Special Prayer Warriors.  But if not a Prayer Warrior, would you pray for us monthly or on a regular basis?  Here is how you can tell me what you have decided:

This website is very secure.  Anyone who sends me a response, their answer will only be read by me.  I would ask you then to consider copying and pasting one or more of these next statements into the Reply Box below.  I will reply to you privately and thank you for becoming a member of our team.  God bless you.

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Please copy and paste the statement or statements below in the Reply box:

1.  Yes, I will pray for you and your ministry work every time God brings you to mind.

2.  Yes, I want to receive your monthly updates with your prayer and praise items so I can pray for you on a monthly basis.

3.  Yes, I want to be one of your Prayer Warriors and pray for special requests on a weekly basis.

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Thank you so much for your interest and support of our Bible translation ministry for the Lord.