The basic facts of the Gospel are pretty easy to sum up, I think.  Jesus was, and still is God.  He became human and died a terrible death.  It was because of sin which broke the relationship between God and mankind that he died.  Jesus took our place as a human and paid the penalty of sin when he died on the cross.  Jesus rose from the dead proving he had conquered death.  When we put our trust in him, God does not see the sin, it has been done away with.  And so after we die here and have our bodies raised, we too who are saved from eternal death will live with God forever.

This all sounds so nice and intellectual.  But as I was working on Hebrews chapter 7, I was struck with a profound truth.  In verse 25, it says that “And so Jesus, now and always, is able to save those who come to God through him.”  The concept that Jesus is able to save people throughout time is huge.  But it is the verse above that really gave me a thrill.

Unfortunately, the English does not do this verse justice as one version puts it. “Because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood.”  This puts emphasis on his office, not on his work as a priest.  Biblically speaking, a priest’s job is to offer sacrifices to God on behalf of men and women so that sin is dealt with and God and mankind can be united again.

It was as I looked at the back translation (translated from a village language back into a form of English) of verse 24 that I was hit with a huge spiritual “Ah Ha!”.  This back translation basically says, “Jesus is always existing.  He was doing and will never stop doing the work of giving offerings.  He will be doing this work forever.” These words, “always exists”, “never stop”, “forever”, these all spoke to me of how much Jesus loves people, now and always.

From before the beginning of time up until the crucifixion and resurrection, the plan to rescue people from sin existed, and ever since then up until the last day, Jesus is in the business of presenting the offering to God (his sacrifice on the cross) which can take away sin.  And the end of verse 25 tells us that not only does Jesus have this power to save people, he is continually speaking to the Father, interceding on their behalf, reminding the Father that he paid for people’s sin.  And it is because of Jesus’ faithful and continual acting as our Mediator that we are able today, and every day, to stand in a living, loving, and forgiving relationship with the God of the universe.

Thank you Jesus!!!!