Last night it snowed!  We knew it was coming.  And yet, were we really ready?  For most, probably not.  For us here in Canada, not having snow on the ground any day after October 15th is a good day.  Now we did get a touch of winter in October with a couple of days where it would powder the ground white and pretty for an hour or two, but by mid-afternoon, the snow would be gone and the grass would be just a bit more green for another day.

But now I’m talking about a full-blown snow day here today.  I would guess that we have had at least 5 inches of snow already, and I’m sure we will get more.  Cars are moving slowly, people are bundled up tight in multiple layers of clothes and hunched down as they walk into the wind.  The sky is a dull white overcast.  No doubt about it, Winter has arrived.

And now we really have something to complain about, right?  I mean, during the Summer we might have complained a little like, “I just washed my car, and then what happens….it decides to rain.  Go figure eh?”  Or in the Fall, while some are enjoying the first crispness of a strong autumn breeze, others are grumping about having to go out and rake more leaves in their yard.  But with Winter, just about everyone finds extreme cold difficult, drivers take their lives in their hands, and sometimes just getting out the front door of your house to face the world can be exhausting even before the day has really started.

But do you know what thought went through my mind as I looked out at a white world this morning?  The verse that came to me was, “This is the day which the Lord has made.  I will be glad and rejoice in it.”  And that’s all it took to help me get into a positive frame of mind for today.  Sure, I still have to wear three layers of clothes and use a heat dish in my living room floor to stay warm.  And the cold makes me hurt more.  But even these senses which send impulses to my brain are telling me one thing at least….I am alive! And for that God, I give you thanks.  Now Lord, help me to use this day wisely, and to look for things that are positive….even if it is a Snow Day!